Updates, Round 2

Oki, tansi my dear readers,

It’s been a while since my last post, wow. Trying to find work sure can take up a lot of your time. Though, within the month I have been fortunate enough to attend a drum making workshop and also help with my parent’s house raising and received some updates from them on their business. I was also selected to attend the 18th annual Treaty 7 Youth Entrepreneur Symposium that took place from August 21-26. Quite exciting stuff! Here is a link to their Facebook page if anyone is interested in keeping them on your radar, so that you can apply next year!

I will have the drum making workshop post and updates on Thunderbird farms coming up soon – I’ve also decided to add short YouTube vlogs for each business that I visit, so look out for those on my channel, which you can find here! I will have one for both the drum making workshop and for Thunderbird farms! I’ll also have a recap on my experience at the T7YES coming your way as well. By attending this symposium, I was able to meet many more like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs my age.

I’ve said in previous posts that I would try to post more frequently, but that has been futile so far. Given that, I hope that you dear readers will follow my site, or subscribe on YouTube to my channel, so that you can keep updated on when I post! The vlogs will act as a heads-up whenever there is a new post, and you can watch a video to get an idea of the contents of each blog post.

I look forward to connecting with you again soon, with the next blog post centering around the drum making workshop I attended at the end of July and Chantal Chagnon’s business, Cree8. Soon after that I will follow with an update on my parent’s business endeavours and my experience at the symposium. Stay tuned! And don’t forget to subscribe and set notifications for the videos, if you so choose! Here are a few photos from the drum making workshop, to keep you satisfied:

Kitakitamaatsin (until we meet again)