Hello my fellow Niitsitapiiks!

Apologies, it’s been 20 days since I’ve first posted! I’ve been busy trying to get my own business started (if you are into self-care, check out my Facebook page) and figuring out a few things for graduation (I’ll be in Vancouver this weekend for the Ch’nook Scholars grad – check out the page here for more information on this innovative program for Aboriginal business students)!

However, I’ve made a few new connections this past weekend with some pretty popular names within the social justice sphere and media industry here in Calgary, so I’m looking forward to bringing you interviews with them as a showcase on how diverse the Aboriginal business world is! Also, I will be spending 5 days in Vancouver and visiting the Aboriginal businesses down in Granville Island/Gastown and probably going to eat a meal at Salmon n’ Bannock down on Broadway (and try to interview owners :P)!

I’m also sending questions my father’s way so he can answer some questions on their off-grid aquaponics and farming business they are starting up, so I hope to have that post up by the end of the week, and my Vancouver adventures up the week after! Then I will be getting in touch with the contacts I’ve made so far and start on my visits! So bear with me! I hope to bring you many more posts with connections I’ve made within the Aboriginal business world as I know of so many great businesses that are Aboriginal owned and run!

I leave you now with a picture of my father’s greenhouse design he built himself from the ground up to get you excited for the post on his business! Some pretty amazing innovations going on down on the Blood Tribe inspired by the self-sustainability movement! Thanks for reading!

Kitakitamaatsin (until we meet again – Blackfoot, but excuse the spelling)!





Oki, tansi, warm welcomes

Oki, Tansi – or hello for those of you that do not speak Cree or Blackfoot. Guessing from my introduction, you might have guessed that I am of Indigenous descent from here in Canada. I am a Cree, Blackfoot woman who has been studying business and my path has taken me on a journey where Aboriginal business here in Canada has been something I’ve been considering a lot lately.

Being a part of the Ch’nook Scholars program, I have been lucky enough to have more of a glimpse into Aboriginal business than most, especially business conducted on the coast. However, even though I have been going to school to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce, I still feel there are many things I do not know about conducting business as an Aboriginal in Treaty territory  as well as conducting business outside of Treaty territory.

Now that I am finished with school, I have decided to take on this task of learning more about Aboriginal businesses in the Calgary and Southern Alberta, by visiting these businesses and conducting showcases. I also believe that this will be beneficial to those business owners, as it will give those looking to support Aboriginal businesses in the area a central place to locate information!

Thank you for reading my first post – my second post will feature Thunderbird Farms, which is an organization close to my heart. My parent’s own this self-sustaining aquaponics farm in Southern Alberta, and their journey is very inspiring, as they have overcome many hardships to accomplish their dreams of owning their own Aboriginal owned business. I hope you will enjoy the posts!